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Writing to Persuade

What is writing to persuade?
  • A written argument expressing a point of view with a formal, well-structured approach
  • It can sometimes explore both views and be fair and balanced and then conclude with your own view
  • It will contain facts, statistics and opinions to support the argument
Task Examples:
  • Write to your local paper arguing for more facilities for children in the area
  • Write a letter to your headteacher persuading them to support a charity of your choice
  • Write a speech persuading your class mates to fundraise with you
Persuasive Techniques:


A – Alliteration
A fun, family-friendly, fabulous farm!

F – Facts
95% of children feel that they should know more about how to protect the planet.

O – Opinion
I think this is really worthwhile cause.
R – Repetition/ Rhetorical questions
Learning, learning, learning. What is more important than what we learn?
E – Emotive Language
Your money will help poor families in Africa to access fresh water

S- Statistics
1 in 3 people have experienced bullying.

T – Triples/Threes
We promise value, quality and efficiency.
Persuasive Writing Advice:
✔ Plan your response
✔ Use 3 or 4 paragraphs
✔ Use the correct layout for the task
✔ Remember to use AFOREST
✔ Make up facts and statistics in the exam that sounds realistic
✔ Use strong emotive words
✔ Engage your reader and audience – use pronouns ‘you’ and ‘I’
The above can help 7+, 8+ & 11+ enrich their writing and score better in their exams.

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