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What is a diary entry?

  • A diary entry is a form of recount where the writer explains what happened to them
  • It describes the events and emotions that took place
  • It talks about thoughts and feelings in a reflective way

Task Examples:

Write a diary entry about your favourite birthday

Write a diary entry from your first day at school

Write a diary entry from a character in your favourite book

Write a diary entry from your favourite historical figure

How to Structure a diary entry

It will begin ‘Dear Diary’ with a date

Paragraph 1: Introduce the event and your feelings about it You won’t believe what happened today…..

Paragraph 2: What happened next, how did it make you feel?

Paragraph 3: What are your thoughts for tomorrow?

Sign off I must go now diary because sleep beckons…….

Diary Writing Advice:

  • Always plan your response first
  • Use the first person ‘I’
  • Talk to your diary as if it is a character
  • Include thoughts, feelings, and opinions
  • Write about the event in chronological order
  • Use the past tense
  • Include emotive language
  • Include detailed descriptions and devices
  • Vary your sentence structures
  • Use interesting punctuation
  • You can use informal, relaxed language
  • You can speak openly and honestly as if you are confiding in your diary
  • Proofread your work carefully

The above will help strengthen 11+ students’ creative writing skills and help them perform relatively better than their peers in their competitive exam preparation.

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