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Step into a world of academic excellence with our 7+, 8+, & 11+ subscription plans,– meticulously designed self-study modules for students from Reception up to Year 6. Elevate your child’s preparation instantly with unlimited access to a wealth of resources, including solved Math and English papers for 11+, practice materials and papers for 7+, enriching spelling and vocabulary courses, and more. Developed in partnership with highly experienced UK-based tutors with highly successful track records and expertise.

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Comprehensive Content

Whether your child is just starting their 11+ journey or gearing up for exams in a few months, we have you covered.

The Reading Comprehension Module is divided into three levels: Core, Core+ and Stretch, with 70+ Reading Comprehensions across all levels and 1200+ Comprehension Questions, ensuring that students work through graded difficulty levels for enhanced confidence and exam success.

The Maths Past Papers Module not only includes Written Answers but also Video Explanations (for the last 5 years) to ensure that your child fully understands the questions and can revisit them whenever needed.

All of the above content is designed by highly experienced and expert UK-based tutors, many of whom have served as Head of Mathematics or Head of English in their respective schools.

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Solved Maths Past Papers

Once your child has gained a solid understanding of the 11+ Maths syllabus, the natural next step is to attempt the 11+ Maths Past Papers. This will ensure that your child is familiar with the exam format and difficulty level. With 10+ years of Maths Past Papers from a variety of Independent and Grammar Schools, your child will have access to 3000+ exam questions, each accompanied by written answers and video explanations (for the last 5 years) to ensure complete understanding and clarity of concepts.

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Progressive Learning

All children are different and their learning styles vary. Some prefer written guidance, while others prefer audio-visual explanations. Some like to be challenged with a variety of question types within a broad topic, while others prefer to focus on a specific question type or topic before moving on. Some prefer short bursts of practice regularly, while others prefer intensive sessions less often.

PrepPlus caters to all these diverse learning styles and preferences. It provides multiple variations of answer explanations, a vast number and variety of practice questions, topic-specific practice and tests, and the ability to retake and review previous tests, among many other features. Your child can revisit topics they are struggling with, providing them with the opportunity to master the material at their own pace.

Let your child learn in the way that suits them best with PrepPlus. 

Enhanced Practice

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Give your child the opportunity to practice 3000+ exam questions from the 11+ Maths past papers and 1200+ reading comprehension questions across different question types with multiple difficulty levels.

This will not only help your child get familiarized with the current exam format but will also help them eliminate the recurring mistakes and consolidate learning across all topics to become exam ready.

Boost Confidence

Preparation is key to boosting self- confidence. Build your child’s intrinsic skillset, bridge learning gaps and enhance confidence to tackle multiple exam-style questions across varied formats and topics accurately and effectively. Subscribe to the Maths and English Modules and help your child feel secure across complex exam topics.

The expert led, topic driven video lectures are accompanied by the relevant questions and are followed by easy-to-follow answer explanations to enhance clarity. Subscribe Now!

Flexible & Friendly Customer Support

We are a warm and friendly bunch and we go out of our way to provide the best-in-class customer service and support. We understand that preparing for entrance exams can be exhausting and stressful, and we are here to help. If you ever need a helping hand to share the load, we are there for you.

We are just an email away and will do our very best to provide help, guidance and support.