Times Tables – Inverse Facts – Core


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  • This pack focuses on the inverse / division facts of times tables and is designed to strengthen the instant recall, speed and accuracy of the division facts.
  • Instant recall of division facts is a key skill needed for a successful 7+ / 8+ outcome.
  • This pack covers the division facts of times tables up to 12.
  • More than 3000 times tables inverse questions, split into 45 short tests. Answers are not included in the pack.
  • Comes with a record log to keep track of the speed and score and gauge the progress overtime.
  • This pack is part of our ‘Core’ series and is designed to build and strengthen the rapid recall of division facts. It is a foundation pack, suitable for both 7+ and 8+ prep.
  • Upon completion of the core pack, move on to the ‘Times Tables Stretch Pack’ (coming soon!) for added challenge and exam style questions.

Focus on the Foundation !