8+ Mathematics Listening Stretch Pack


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8+ Maths Listening Stretch Pack

  • 10 stretched listening pack in audio with answer booklet & answers.
  • Designed for stretched exam conditions.
  • Ideal for students looking for additional challenge.
  • Around 1 hour of audio recording (mp3).
  • Challenging pace and difficulty level.
  • A wide variety of questions covering the syllabus.
  • Download limit: 3 clicks per link. Please download and save the files offline.

Increasing number of schools are now using listening tests as a key part of the assessment. These tests are proving to be a lot more complicated than expected with the varying pace and difficulty level.

We are pleased to bring to you the comprehensive Maths Listening Stretched Tests covering the stipulated syllabus with challenging pace and time allowed for the workings. The wide variety of tests will equip your child with the technique and confidence to deliver the best.

All the very best !