7+ Writing. Vocab. Dictation

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7+ Writing. Vocab. Dictation
10-week online course 
Date: Starting from 11th January, 2024
Time: 4:45 – 6:15 pm
Price: £600 + VAT
Venue: Online

In this course, we will cover: writing for different purposes including descriptive writing, story writing, recounting, and instructional writing.

We will cover a range of question types that come up in the exams including picture prompts, story from a given title, rewrite and improve, and story continuation.

We will cover the main descriptive writing techniques including figurative language ie similes, metaphors, personification (SOAP), and sensory language to enhance our writing (see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and feel).

We will look at stretch vocabulary and learn how to include a range of ‘wow’ vocabulary in our writing to make our writing stand out and be more engaging for the reader.

Dictation, we will cover the main spelling patterns and punctuation for this age group. We will complete a range of different formats for Dictation to ensure the children are confident ahead of their exams.

This course is led by Becky, a highly qualified teacher with 13+ years in education specializing in exam entry for Grammar and Independent schools.

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