7+ St. Paul’s Juniors Non-Verbal Reasoning

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Five-Day Free Trial: Experience our course with a complimentary five-day free trial.

Flexible Cancellation: Cancel your subscription at any time during the subscription period. You won’t be charged unless you restart your account. If you cancel before the end of your billing period, you will still have access to the course until the period ends.

Included Features:

  • 10 full-length NVR papers designed for 7+ students preparing for St. Paul’s Juniors exams.
  • 300 questions in total.
  • Answer with a written explanation for each question.
  • Covers essential topics such as 3D shapes, reflection, rotation, order & position, folding, counting, odd one out, shape connection, hidden shapes, and more.
  • Highly accurate representation of the exam format based on the extensive parents’ feedback over the years.

Developed by Rebecca, a highly experienced and expert tutor with a deep passion for verbal and non-verbal reasoning, aiming to enhance students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
Reviewed by Yvonne, a highly experienced and expert tutor with over 22 years of tutoring experience and extensive knowledge in these areas.
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