7+ Mental Mathematics


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7+ Mental Mathematics Practice Tests

  • 500 questions with answers across 30 practice tests.
  • 55 pages of practice tests with answers.
  • Covering multiple formats with varying difficulty level.
  • Perfect for timed practice, enhancing speed and accuracy.
  • A wide variety of questions covering the syllabus.

Mental Mathematics is essential to succeed in the prep school assessments. It is the foundation that supports the students throughout their preparation journey. A strong grasp on mental Maths techniques can help the students derive the answers quickly and accurately. Thus strengthening their time management skills and boosting confidence.

7+ Mental Mathematics Pack is a must have for the exam prep. It is a comprehensive resource covering the syllabus within 30 practice tests with around 500 questions. The tests cover multiple question types and formats to ensure the students are ready for the challenge. The stretching timed conditions help simulate the actual exam experience thus boosting the skill set and confidence of the students during the actual exam.

Give your child the opportunity!