11+ Vocab Course

£200 + VAT


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11+ Vocab Course
10-week online course
Starting from January, 2024
Time: TBC
Price: £20 + VAT per hour
Venue: Online

This course is designed to help students enhance their vocabulary and language skills by introducing them to 10 new words in every class. Through a range of interactive activities, learners will explore the meanings and usage of these words, and practice incorporating them into their spoken and written communication.
It will also cover strategies for effective language learning, such as using a dictionary, reading extensively, and practicing vocabulary exercises. The carefully selected course program will provide engaging activities and opportunities to incorporate phonics and meaning to strengthen spelling skills and build vocabulary through the process of dictation. By the end of the course, learners will have a solid foundation of 100 words that they can build upon in their further language learning and development.

The course will be engaging, personally structured for your child, challenging, and most of all fun!

There is no digital file for this module. You will receive an email confirmation once payment is made.