Advanced 11+ Exam Prep

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Advanced 11+ Exam Prep for Year 5 students
12 Weeks Online Course every Saturday
9:30-11am – Writing and Comprehension
11:30-1pm  – Maths and NVR
Price: £999 + VAT

The dates are as outlined below;
Session 1: 7th Sept
Session 2: 14th Sept
Session 3: 21st Sept
Session 4: 28th Sept
Session 5: 5th Oct
Session 6: 12th Oct
Session 7: 19th Oct
Session 8: 26th Oct
Session 9: 2nd Nov
Session 10: 9th Nov
Session 11: 16th Nov
Session 12: 23rd Nov

Reading Comprehension

Students will be allowed to read critically a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, including poetry. They will learn to:

– Select and retrieve information.
– Make inferences using evidence from a text.
– Analyse the language used in a text.
– Offer a considered opinion about a text.
– Make thoughtful predictions.
– The PEEL strategy – Point, Evidence, Explain, Link (link back to the question).
– Exam tips and strategies.

Creative Writing

The students will be undertaking a range of engaging, creative, and enriching writing tasks. They will be able to write confidently for a range of purposes and audiences by learning to:
– Understand the key features of different text types.
– Structure texts effectively by including a variety of sentence structures, accurate grammar, sophisticated punctuation, and cohesive devices.
– Include figurative language and a range of sophisticated vocabulary.

The following writing genres will be covered throughout the course.

– Vocabulary/SPAG.
– Descriptive writing – To describe a place/situation/character.
– Persuasive writing – To write an emotive piece to influence/impact the reader.
– Expository writing.
– Letter writing.
– Story writing includes story continuation, fixed endings and stories based on visual stimuli.
– Recount/Diary entry.
– Factual report / discursive essay.
– Timed practice with exam tips and strategies.

Students will have a review session on the different task types to prepare them for the 11+ exams in the form of the final week’s assessment.

Explanation of task requirements

– Train the students in how to effectively plan for each task type (overall framework and internal paragraph plan).
– Focus on appropriate style and literary techniques.
– Focus on demonstrating a range of grammatical structures as well as a range of vocabulary.
– Strong/weak task response analysis.
– Follow up on homework tasks.


– Basic number skills
– Geometry
– Decimals
– Fractions
– Shape
– Graphs
– Algebra
– Percentages
– Ratio and proportion
– Data Handling
– Money
– Time
– Exam tips and time-saving strategies
– Non-Verbal Reasoning

This course is designed for current Year 5 students. The aim is to cover all aspects of Exam Prep and hold an assessment at the end.

Jennifer (PGCE, 11 years of extensive experience) will lead our 11+ Reading Comprehension & Creative Writing course. She excels in developing reading comprehension and creative writing skills, essential for Independent and grammar schools.

Yvonne (B.Ed (Hons), QTS, 22 years of teaching experience, Dyslexia expert) has successfully prepared students for 11+ exams and helped secure scholarships to prestigious schools like Eton. She excels in developing maths and NVR skills, essential for Independent and grammar schools.


All students enrolled in this course will receive our highly sought-after 11+ Reading Comprehension & Writing subscription plans for 12 weeks. This will support home practice and reinforce learning.

11+ Reading Comprehension Subscription Plan

Gain access to:
– 85+ comprehensive reading passages across all levels.
– 1200+ practice questions covering MCQs and Full-Length Questions.
– Developed by UK-based tutors with 12+ years of expertise.

11+ Creative Writing Subscription Plan
Gain access to:

– 40+ best practice writing exemplars with detailed video explanations.
– Covering various formats such as story writing, recounting, and descriptive writing.

There is no digital file attached to the purchase. It is an online course, and the details will be emailed on signing up.

It’s time to take the stress out of exam prep!