11+ Confident Communications

£350 + VAT

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Confident Communications
10-week online course 
Date: Starting from 17th January, 2024
Time:  6 – 7 pm
Price: £350 + VAT
Venue: Online

Good communication has a huge impact on children’s well-being and this course sets out to build upon the belief that through good communication skills, we are able to perform more effectively in a range of scenarios such as interviews, public speaking, and debates, and to express ourselves with clarity of purpose.

The course will focus on how we best present ourselves through the use of body language, diction, and confidence and will allow participants to test these skills in a range of scenarios such as discussion, presentation, and debate.

Children participating in these sessions should be willing to get involved as much as possible as this way they will gain the greatest advantage.

This course is led by a highly qualified teacher, who is a former Prep School Headmaster with 20 years of experience in education specializing in exam entry for Grammar and Independent schools.

This is a highly sought-after class with very limited slots. Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Give your child the opportunity to boost their communication skills!