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Module Based

We have devised a unique module based preparation plan that covers the entire 7+ syllabus across 4 different modules, offered during Feb, April, May and July term breaks. We know from experience that the module led strategy leads to a higher success rate as the students have more chances to understand and apply the concepts in and out of the modules.

Each intensive module is different and focuses on different syllabus areas and topics. Thus continuity is critical to ensure higher chances of success. Please get in touch immediately if you are unable to attend the modules in continuity.

Once the three intensive modules are completed, the students are advised to enroll in the rigorous revision course to solidify the learning across the three modules and get exam ready.

Home Learning

To ensure continuity between the modules and strengthen the understanding and application of concepts, each student will be given a personalised home learning plan after each module. This would include various tasks and targets the students will be required to complete before coming in for the next module. 

The combination of 3 different intensive modules, personalised home learning plan and rigorous revision courses ensure the holistic growth of the child to deliver his very best during the actual exam. 

Plan In

Getting into the top London schools is no mean feat. The competition is high and spaces are low. As the exam approaches, anxiety could mount and motivation may dwindle.

The key thing is to plan ahead, start early, and give your child the required support.

The students who succeeded in achieving their top school dream have one thing in common: persistence. They all started the prep journey ahead of time and worked their way through diligently and persistently. They took every opportunity they could to bridge the knowledge gaps and strengthen their skillset. From online classes to face-to-face courses to mock exams, they took part in all and ensured they were ready for the highly competitive assessment well in time.

Give your child the opportunity and take the stress out of the assessment preparation. Reach out and seek the support.

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