Why Choose PrepPlus 7+ Exam Papers

1.  Expertise: Our team comprises of professional parents and highly qualified teachers who provide top-quality education support.
2.  Nurturing Environment: We understand the challenges of preparing for 7+, 8+, or 11+ assessments and strive to make the journey nurturing and motivating for parents and children.
3.  Ethos: Our ethos revolves around achieving excellence, fostering a love for learning, and preparing children effectively for competitive entrance exams.
4.  Comprehensive Offering: From 7 plus test papers to intensive courses, interview prep, and mock exams, we offer a complete package tailored to support your child’s success.
5.  Quality Assurance: Our materials are developed in collaboration with highly experienced tutors with a proven track record of success in prep school admissions.

A Guide to Using 7 Plus Papers

Preparing for the tough 7+ entrance exams is like navigating a maze. These tests are crucial for gaining admission to reputable private schools. Students must excel in the test sections, manage their time effectively, and employ the right techniques. With the appropriate resources and ample practice, students can perform well on these exams.
Here’s a breakdown of essential tips and tools for 7+ exam preparation:

1.  Exam Papers: Familiarize with comprehension and creative writing tasks for English and diverse math’s problem types.
2. Subscription Plans: Wealth of exclusive study materials, personalized guidance, and expert support tailored to maximize your child’s exam preparation journey.
3.  Preparation Strategy: Grasp exam structure, manage time effectively, and reinforce content knowledge.
4.  Practice Resources: Utilize 7+ practice exam papers and past papers to simulate exam conditions.
5.  Test Formats: Prepare for verbal and written assessments, mental arithmetic, and logic puzzles.
6.  Pro Tips: Focus on understanding instructions, summarizing passages, and showing workings in math’s problems.
7.  Importance of Practice: Identify weak areas, improve timing, and refine exam strategies for success.

Our Expert 7 Plus exam paper authors

The 7+ exam papers from PrepPlus, meticulously crafted by our team of experienced 7 Plus tutors, serves as an invaluable resource for enhancing students’ performance. Designed to emulate various exam styles and competency levels expected at the 7+ level, these materials are freely accessible. By incorporating these 7 test papers into your preparation regimen, you can effectively bolster your skills and readiness for the entrance exams.
How tough is the 7+ Exam?

The 7+ Exam is known for being quite challenging because it’s highly competitive. It’s important to prepare thoroughly to do well, and practicing with past exam papers is a vital part of that preparation.

How do I prepare for the 7+ Exam?

For effective 7+ Exam preparation, practice with past papers sorted by topic and difficulty. Begin with easier questions, gradually progressing to more challenging ones. This approach not only enhances your child’s knowledge but also boosts their chances of admission to top schools.

How can my child pass the 7+ Exam?

Regular practice is important for passing the 7+ Exam. Use practice papers and mock exams. Focus on time management to finish each section on time. If your child struggles to focus, take breaks during study sessions. This helps them stay concentrated.

What age is the 7+ Exam for?

For 7+ entry, applications commence at the start of Year 2 for admission into Year 3. As for 8+ entry, applications typically start at the beginning of Year 3 for admission into Year 4.

What subjects are tested at the 7+ level?

The 7+ Exam tests students in reading, writing, math’s, and reasoning. Each school has its own test format. It would be imperative to visit the specific school website to understand the format of the school specific exam.

How Competitive is the 7 Plus?

The 7+ Exam is a tough and highly competitive exam.

What attributes do schools priorities for students at the 7+ level?

At the 7+ level, schools priorities academic excellence, strong communication skills, leadership potential, and positive behavior in students.

Is a tutor necessary for the 7+ Exam?

Having an experienced 7+ tutor is helpful. They can provide useful advice tailored to each school’s requirement.

When should students start preparing for the 7+ Exam?

There is no fixed timeline to begin preparation and each child has their own learning curve. In order to avoid last minute pressure, it is advisable to engage in learning in a playful manner and encourage Independent and guided reading along with mental maths games from the middle of year one.

How Important are the 7+ Exams?

The 7+ exams help children gain entry into the highly selective independent schools.

What Happens During Interviews and Assessment Days?

The interview format varies across schools. They are usually carried out in small groups via group activities and participation, involvement and engagement are assessed. Some schools also have short written assessments in Math’s and English.


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