Why Choose PrepPlus 11+ Exam Papers

1.  Expertise: Our team comprises of professional parents and highly qualified teachers who provide top-quality education support.
2.  Foster Confidence: Confidence in the exam structure is key to success. With hundreds of mock tests that replicate your local 11+, your child will be fully prepared and know exactly what to expect on exam day.
3. Personalized Learning: Thus, adaptive practice modifies the strategies used to teach your child and provides them with something challenging to focus on.
4.  Confidence Boost: Developing motivational state and stress coping for exam success or Exam taking: Strategies for motivation.
5.  Progress Tracking: Take the reins of your child’s progress and identify areas that need more attention through a well-outlined checkpoint, empowering you in their educational journey.

A Guide to Using 11 Plus Exam Papers Preparations

Using 11+ exam papers effectively requires a structured approach. Start by assessing your

child’s current level to identify strengths and weaknesses. Create a study schedule that

balances regularly practise with other commitments. Encourage timed practise sessions to

simulate exam conditions and review answers together to address mistakes and ensure


Here’s a breakdown of essential tips and tools for 11+ exam preparation:

  1. Exam Papers: Familiarize with comprehension and creative writing tasks for English, and diverse maths problem types.
  2. Preparation Strategy: Grasp exam structure, manage time effectively, and reinforce content knowledge.
  3. practise Resources: Utilise 11+ practise exam papers and past papers to simulate exam conditions.
  4. Test Formats: Prepare for verbal and written assessments, mental arithmetic, and logic puzzles.
  5. Pro Tips: Emphasise understanding instructions, summarising passages, and showing workings in maths.
  6. Importance of practise: Identify weak areas, hone timing, and refine exam strategies for success.

11+ Exam Papers

11+ Verbal Reasoning

11+ Verbal Reasoning

Original price was: £75.Current price is: £45. / month with a 5-day free trial
11+ Stretch Vocabulary

11+ Stretch Vocabulary

Original price was: £40.Current price is: £25. / month with a 5-day free trial
11+ Reading Comprehension

11+ Reading Comprehension

Original price was: £75.Current price is: £45. / month with a 5-day free trial
11+ Core Vocabulary

11+ Core Vocabulary

Original price was: £40.Current price is: £25. / month with a 5-day free trial
11+ Solved English Past Papers

11+ Solved English Past Papers

Original price was: £75.Current price is: £45. / month with a 5-day free trial
11+ Past Solved Maths Papers

11+ Past Solved Maths Papers

Original price was: £75.Current price is: £45. / month with a 5-day free trial

Our Expert 11 Plus exam paper authors

What is the 11 plus (11+) exam?

The 11+ exam is a selective entrance exam for secondary schools, typically taken by children in their final year of primary school.

What is tested in the 11 plus (11+) exam?

The exam tests English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning skills.

How can I maximise my child’s chances of success in the 11 plus (11+) exam?

Regular practise with 11+ papers, a balanced study schedule, and addressing any weak areas will improve your child’s chances of success.

How hard is the 11+ Exam?

The 11+ exam is challenging and designed to test a wide range of skills and knowledge.

How do I prepare for the 11+ Exam?

Prepare by practising regularly, familiarising your child with the exam format, and focusing on areas that need improvement.

How to pass the 11+ (11 plus) exam?

Preparing your child for the 11+ exams can be challenging, but starting early, encouraging reading, and using mock tests are crucial. Consider tailored tuition to address specific needs and reduce stress during the process.

What age is the 11+ exam for?

The 11+ exam is for children aged 10 to 11. The children take the 11+ exam mostly in their final year of primary school.

How competitive is the 11 Plus?

The 11+ exam is highly competitive, with many students competing for limited spots in selective schools.

What are schools looking for at 11-plus levels?

Schools look for strong academic abilities, problem-solving skills, and a good grasp of the subjects tested.

Do you need a tutor for the 11 plus?

11 Plus, tuition can be highly beneficial for children aiming to sharpen their skills and succeed in the exam. However, over-tutoring can be problematic and may also exclude less affluent families from the process.

When should students start preparing for the 11+ exam?

In Year 4, children can begin exploring exam content and enhancing their problem-solving skills. They should also start understanding exam etiquette, with an emphasis on building confidence.

How important are the 11+ exams?

The 11+ exams are crucial for gaining entry into selective secondary schools with excellent academic records. So, indeed, it’s a future deciding phase of your champs!


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